Sunday, April 15, 2012

Healing the bias of jawbone

Slave of God Aspasiya Volga (town Trapezaki, Distrato Arta, Greece) wrote the following lines to the Archimandrite Nektarios Mulatsiotis:

"Beloved Elder,

I watched your television program and heard that on June 15 is Commemoration Day of St. Augustine and his mother St. Monica. You said that on this day 62 bells of the monastery would be beaten so the sound will spread across the earth.

By this time I have for 18 years suffered from a displacement of the jaw. Because of this I could not eat, laugh, and so on. Then I asked St. Augustine and his mother to heal me. Listening to your speech on television, I crossed over the left cheek. A miracle happened immediately. I moved my jaw and the bone back into place with loud click. I was healthy!

Today I can laugh again and eat without feeling pain and discomfort. I thank God and his Saints for they have cured me.

May God send you wealth and power,
unworthy servant of the Lord, Aspasiya Volga."

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