Sunday, April 15, 2012

Healing the bias of jawbone

Slave of God Aspasiya Volga (town Trapezaki, Distrato Arta, Greece) wrote the following lines to the Archimandrite Nektarios Mulatsiotis:

"Beloved Elder,

I watched your television program and heard that on June 15 is Commemoration Day of St. Augustine and his mother St. Monica. You said that on this day 62 bells of the monastery would be beaten so the sound will spread across the earth.

By this time I have for 18 years suffered from a displacement of the jaw. Because of this I could not eat, laugh, and so on. Then I asked St. Augustine and his mother to heal me. Listening to your speech on television, I crossed over the left cheek. A miracle happened immediately. I moved my jaw and the bone back into place with loud click. I was healthy!

Today I can laugh again and eat without feeling pain and discomfort. I thank God and his Saints for they have cured me.

May God send you wealth and power,
unworthy servant of the Lord, Aspasiya Volga."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Healing the Ethiopian Musician of Blood Cancer

Ethiopia, Axum, antique church of St. Maria Zion
Cancer of the blood is a terrible disease that spares neither children nor adults. For its treatment contemporary medicine uses such harmful procedures like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In special cases, a difficult surgery on a bone marrow transplant is doing, but it may not give a success if the donor tissue do not take root in the body of the patient.

This disease was diagnosed at the famous Ethiopian musician Tamrat Molla, the East African star of show business, frequenter of popular TV shows.

He was in despair, he understood that his career came to an end, and life itself is in mortal danger. In these gloomy days he turned to the sacred Christian roots of his people, who accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ already in IV century. He asked his friend to bring him the holy water from St. Mary's Church in the city of Aksum (northern Ethiopia), and he began to pray fervently to God for his recovery.

After drinking the holy water, Tamrat Molla went quickly on the mend. Next week his doctors pronounced him a full recovery. Experts from the U.S., who examined a musician, also witnessed the absence of any signs of the disease.

After recovering, the musician returned to work, and his miraculous healing once again confirmed the truth of the Holy Gospel to all Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia.

Healing the Girl Nadia From the Diathesis

The first Holy Communion
The Holy Communion, as well as anything that gives the Church exerts its salutary effect only in the presence of faith. On the miracle associated with the Sacrament of the Holy Communion, told the deacon of Savior Church, Father Dimitry.

I have a daughter, Nadia. We christened her, but she was terribly ill: a diathesis was so strong that we did not know how to feed her. The child cried all night, her whole body was covered with bloody crusts.

In those times I just started to go to the church. Many things were not clear for me. I was advised to go to the old woman who practiced healing, but she couldn't help.

My friend said that the girl was urgently needed The Holy Communion. In desperation I agreed on this step. When I was carrying Nadia into the temple, I was confident that it will not help, because she will drink wine during the ceremony. I deliberately took a whole bunch of different drugs. Indeed, immediately after the sacrament her face and hands were covered with red spots. She started to choke and I gave her tavigil. In the evening the child's condition has deteriorated. I am in despair, told everything to my friend. He listened to me in perplexity and said: "I was always confident that there is no wine, but Blood of the Lord."

I felt so ashamed that next Sunday I took Nadia to the church again. This time I fully trusted only in God's help. I did not have a single pill and had complete faith that she will drink not wine, but Blood of Christ. After the communion she immediately felt better. We started to carry a child in the temple to the Holy Chalice regularly, every Sunday. The disease departed, and soon disappeared altogether. According to your faith will get you.